Welcome to Old football grounds where we look back at the grounds that are no longer here. From Wembley Stadium twin towers take a look back at grounds you may have visited and the key games that happened. See whats on the site now and how things have changed since you last went.

Old football stadiums have generally been turned into something new, like flats at Highbury, or replaced with a newly designed ground like Wembley Stadium. We’re a big fan of the new Wembley but wish they could have found a way to keep the towers – it was one of the best moments in football walking up Wembley way to the cup final with the towers in front of you. (For me this was a 1999 FA cup final where Manchester United beat Newcastle United in the treble season). Here’s a photo of it from the Fa Cup Final back in 1995.


Unfortunately some grounds still lay empty with nothing being done to them apart from people waiting for them to fall down. Some we’re flattened and are still just waste ground like Stoke Citys former ground – the Victoria ground. The Bet365 stadium as its now know is a great improvement on the old stadium that was nestled in amongst rows of terraced houses near Stoke City centre. This was a good example of moving from an Old football ground to a new one for the good of the club and the surrounding area.

Stokes new stadium in the foreground and the old one in the back ground.


The old stadium was surrounded by houses.


Stoke Citys old stadium is one of the strange ones as it still hasn’t been built on 17 years later. Property buildersSt Moden purchased the land for £2,000,000 and have plans to build 113 houses but are yet to start on the project claiming its not yet finically viable with property prices in the area.

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